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The AA Lamp


Antonio Attolini Lack

A substantial part of Antonio Attolini’s practice revolved around private residences. Working with a variety of clients, he paid particular attention to creating informal spaces for rest, pause and shelter, which he considered a necessary counterpoint to the accelerated rhythm of modern life. To do so, he played with the height and angles of the walls and rooms, getting as involved as to design the pieces of furniture and the decorative objects that made up each space, from rugs and cushions to lamps and end tables. For this purpose, Attolini produced a vast array of stoneware lamps, all of which take the vase or vessel as their starting point, adding unexpected ornaments to them such as handles or leaves or even coral formations. By contrast, the lampshades all follow the same circular, straight-line shape, scaled according to the diameter and height of the base. Whenever he included more than one lamp in a single space, the shape and color of the stoneware would vary but their height would remain constant.

78 x 45.5 cm
30 11/16 x 17 15/16 in