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The BATTEN Chair


Ernesto Gómez Gallardo
Ca. 1980

One of Ernesto Gómez Gallardo’s most striking buildings is the house he designed for himself which, like many of his architectural exercises at the time, was inspired on the Möbius strip. Turning the inside out as well as the floors into ceilings, with this house Gómez Gallardo also explored his interest in modular designing and building, a characteristic that can be seen in the ceilings of this house, as well as in the way different battens of wood compose many of his pieces of furniture.


Gómez Gallardo designed the Batten Chair for his own living room, in this same house. This box-shaped chair is composed by a series of wood battens arranged vertically and held together by eight ½ inch screws, positioned at the front and at the back. The seat is made of four cushions upholstered in leather or fabric. The chair follows the brutalist aesthetic that Gómez Gallardo was developing at the time. It is also the prototype for a set that includes a loveseat and three- and four-part sofas.

71 x 113 x 90 cm
27 15/16 x 44 1/2 x 34 15/16 in



Mahogany, available in upholstery and leather