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Clásicos Mexicanos for Tequila Dobel’s: Art Apothecary

Frieze is an international fair that displays contemporary art, putting together around 65 of the most important galleries in the world, to exhibit solo, group, or themed work by pioneering artists around the globe. Dobel’s Art Apothecary made its debut during Frieze’s 2022 New York edition. The installation includes pieces from Clásicos Mexicanos’ catalogue, in collaboration with Legorreta Arquitectos, derived from the Vallarta line. 

The Artphotecary’s theme this year was the Mexican Golden Age and it sought to celebrate the Mexican contemporary scene. It came to life through multisensorial live exhibitions and virtual experiences that blended together old Mexican traditions with modernity. By elevating Mexico’s most prominent artists —their work, their influences, and their processes— the Artphothecary displays a wealth of creativity found in Mexican culture. Thus, Ricardo Legorreta’s work found its home in this exhibition, since the architect was seen as the symbol of modernity in this country. At Clásicos Mexicanos, we consider Mexico’s Golden Age to have begun when a Mexican aesthetic was created; when local architects and designers were able to stretch their imagination and create something original that distinguished them from other artists of their time.  

Fortunately, the collaboration between Clásicos Mexicanos and Dobel doesn’t end here, as the Vallarta line is expected to appear in another two iterations of this installation, during Design Miami in 2022 and Frieze Los Angeles in 2023. Some pieces may be added or replaced, but it is our hope that this is only the start of this journey, which is expected to last three years, and which will bring further possibilities in the future.